Heart Leaved Aster


Symphyotrichum cordifolium

  • Part ShadePart Shade
  • Dry to Medium
  • Sand Loam, Loam, Clay Loam, Organic

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Plant in 2.5 x 2.5 x 3.5 inch plastic pot

A shade loving aster? Why yes, indeed. This aster is found in dry, organic-rich woodlands and forest margins in part shade. The name comes from the lower heart-shaped leaves. It tolerates full shade or sun, but will do best in part shade. Beautiful, branching clusters of pale blue flowers bring visual excitement in late fall for a few weeks. A great source of nectar and opportunity for bees and butterflies to pollinate.

It forms clumps or small colonies with well developed roots and will thrive in a range of soils that are well-draining with adequate organic content that is not consistently wet. Plant in a shaded wildflower garden with moderately dry soil amongst other shade tolerant flowers, grasses, or spring ephemerals.

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Growing Habits

Mature Height: 3 feet

Mature Spread: 2 feet

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