Our Plants

We sell seedlings (young plants) and do not sell seed. Our plants are all Ontario native species grown from locally sourced Ontario seed. We do not sell any cultivars or varieties. Our plants are divided into two categories: Perennials and Trees & Shrubs. Learn more below. Click Here for shipping updates and click here for tips on planning your order.


Most plants have been updated with photos (on a wooden background) for Spring, Summer, and Fall. These photos are a good reference for what the plants will look like when they arrive in various seasons. In the summer and fall, plants are often cut back in order to fit in the box and to grow a fuller, stronger plant.

You can now create a wishlist when logged into your account. When viewing a plant, click “Add to Wishlist.” When you would like to order, you can click “Add to Cart” directly from the wishlist.

There are two ways to view our Catalog:

  1. PDF DOCUMENT – Full species list with preferred conditions (light, moisture, and soil) – Please note: this document is not updated with current availability. That can be found at the link below.
  2. WEBSITE CATALOG – Use Filters (light, moisture, and soil) and Categories (Wildflowers, Trees, etc.) to search plants



We refer to flowers, grasses, and ferns as perennials.

Perennials are all grown in compostable (peat) plugs and then pruned to fit in a 2.5 x 2.5 x 3.5 inch plastic pot for shipping. We start our seeds in the previous winter for plants that need winter stratification, or in the following Spring. The plants will begin to grow in a greenhouse in mid March. Thus, the plants we ship to you beginning in May will be 1.5 months old.

Perennial shipping begins in early May.



All of our plants are technically perennials, meaning they will go dormant in winter and then begin growth again in the Spring. We have chosen to distinguish Trees & Shrubs as a separate category to ‘Perennials,’ described above.

Trees are grown in 2.5 x 5 inch coco fibre plugs. These plugs can be broken up a bit with your pruner or scissors, and then planted directly into your garden. Shrubs are grown in either peat plugs (similar to perennials) or in coco fibre plugs (similar to trees). Learn more about the benefits of coco fibre for healthy root growth here.

The growing process for trees & shrubs is different than with our perennials. We ship 1 year old trees & shrubs in the Spring, that were grown in the previous Spring. In the summer, we begin to ship plants that were seeded that same year, so they will be around 4-6 months old when you receive them. We ensure that the plants shipped in Spring or Summer are strong enough to be planted right away and grow well in your garden.

Orders with ONLY Trees & Shrubs placed from early March to mid April will begin to ship in mid April. If there is one or more perennials in the order, it will ship in May.