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1. How do I add plants to my order?

*You have until 2 WEEKS before your estimated shipping time to combine a second order with your first. After that, we will process your order as a separate shipment and current shipping times will apply.

If you wish to add plants to your first order, please create a NEW second order with NEW plants. Please ensure that the cart is empty of your first order before you make a second order. Please also click the box at checkout that states: "This is my second order AND I would like it shipped with my first order." We will refund the shipping cost difference at the time of shipping.

If you are adding under four plants, please get in touch with [email protected] for a coupon code to override the four plant minimum. If you are adding over four plants, create a regular order and email [email protected] to notify us that you have a second order.

2. Do you ship to other provinces?

At the moment, we ship to Ontario only.

3. How much will it cost to ship my plants to my location?

Your shipping cost is calculated automatically by a Canada Post app based on product dimensions, weight, number of plants and destination. You can enter your postal code on the checkout page to calculate your estimated shipping costs before completing the order. Our boxes fit layers of eight plants, so ordering in multiples of 8 would allow for the most cost effective shipping cost.

4. After I place my order how long does it take for my order to be shipped?

When placing an order, the estimated shipping time will be shown in the box at the top of the Shop Plants Page. Please Click Here to see estimated shipping times throughout the season.

Please see the Updates tab for further updates. We will notify you when your plants have been shipped, and will provide you with a tracking number. Thank you for your patience!

5. How long does it take for the order to be delivered?

It is currently taking 2-7 days for the order to be delivered to most Ontario locations depending on the destination and shipping methods.

6. Do you ship your plants to the post office or leave at the door?

In your order shipment email we will send a link to a Canada Post Application where you can specify how you would like your order left at your home. Generally, most packages are left at the door.

7. What are the shipping options?

We offer Expedited shipping through Canada Post. We now have a commercial account agreement with Canada Post, which has further reduced our rates in relation to previous years.

8. How are the plants packed/shipped?

Our herbaceous species and shrubs are grown in jiffy pots and placed in reusable plastic pots for shipping, covered with coco fiber. Our trees are grown in coco-fiber or jiffy pots and wrapped for shipping to keep the roots moist. The plants are normally placed in a row of four plants on each side of each level, secured by the cardboard and wooden sticks.

Read more under RESOURCES > Our Plants

9. How old/tall are your trees?

For shipping in May and June, we use our previous year’s crop. During this time, our trees are usually between 20-40 cm tall and about a year old. However, some will be smaller than this as it varies between species and this is just a general guideline. For the sales between July-September, we use our current year’s stock, so the plants will be about 4-5 months old and on average between 15-30 cm tall.

Read more under RESOURCES > Our Plants

10. Do you sell your trees as plugs or bare-root?

All our plants are grown and sold as plugs.
A plug grown seedling is one that is grown in a tray. Our plug seedlings are grown in small biodegradable pots that are 2.5”(wide) x 5”(deep) that are inserted into the tray. Trees are grown in coco fibre plugs, and shrubs in biodegradable pots.

11. Do you treat your plants with pesticides?

We take an integrated pest management approach at the nursery where our plants are grown. This means that pesticides are only applied when other options (eg. bug traps or plant care) are not effective. Pesticides are applied for specific problems and only if the benefits outweigh any negative effects; on average about once or twice a year for those species that require it.

Any pesticides we do use have short term action so they are not a concern for our customers or their garden friends. Please contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

12. Where do you collect the seed?

All of our plants are propagated from seed collected within Ontario. Some of our seed we collect ourselves, from either local natural areas or from our seed orchards on site that we have established from known Ontario sources. The rest of our seed is collected by certified seed collectors within several regions in Ontario.

13. How do you grow your trees and other plants?

We propagate all of our trees and shrubs from seed. The vast majority of our wildflowers and grasses are also propagated from seed. A few species are propagated from bulbs or by division. All of our ferns are propagated from Ontario wild collected spores.
We always prefer propagating our plants from seed because this provides our customers with plants that are each genetically unique, just like in nature. They are not clones, which is what you would get from anything propagated by cuttings or tissue culture.

14. Can you tell which plants love shade? Attract pollinators?

Our website has an additional information section to the left from plant description. The site also offers a filter in the product category section where you can select species based on different criteria (e.g., light, water, soil and other conditions).

15. My tree/shrub didn’t have leaves when it was delivered. Is it dead?

When trees and shrubs are delivered in April or early May, they are still dormant; hence no leaves.

16. My plant was cut back, why?

We cut back some of our plants in mid-summer to promote fresh growth for the remainder of the season. We also cut back some of our perennials and grasses in the fall in preparation for winter storage. You may notice this when you receive your order. Not to worry. These plants have invested in a strong root system that will yield vigorous, healthy growth in the spring.

17. Can I grow my plants in pots and bring them indoors?

While you can grow your plants in pots, we recommend planting them outdoors. They can be brought indoors for short periods of time, but they may get stressed and confused due to the change of temperatures and lighting.

18. When should I plant trees and shrubs?

You can plant them in spring, summer or fall. Spring is more advisable, since the plants are still dormant and they have enough time to get established before winter. Planting in summer requires more diligent watering and is a good time to plant. Early fall is also a good season for planting.

19. Do I need more than one tree to have fruit?

Some trees don’t need another tree to produce fruit; others need two or more plants. Some of our trees are dioecious, meaning they need both male and female plants to bear fruit. If you need more than one plant of the same species, it will be mentioned in the product description.

20. Can you tell me which plants are poisonous to humans and/or pets?

Since the research on this issue is being updated on a regular basis, we encourage our customers to look themselves for the most recent research on whether the plant they are planning to buy might be harmful if eaten. We will do our best to add this information when possible in the plant description.

21. How do I know which plants are juglone tolerant (tolerant to planting under or near black walnut trees)?

Please select ‘Juglone tolerant’ category from our catalogue.

22. How do I know which plants are deer and rabbit resistant?

While we tried our best in identifying deer and rabbit resistant plants based on the most reliable and local sources; the research in this area is still ongoing and some plants may still suffer certain damage from our wild hungry garden visitors.

So, although there is no guarantee, if you want to try to make your garden less appealing for rabbits and deer, please select ‘Rabbit and Deer resistant plants’ categories in our catalog.

23. Do you have plants which are suitable for a rain garden?

Yes, please select ‘Rain Garden’ category from our catalog.

24. Where are you located?

We are located near Hamilton, Ontario.

25. Can I visit your site to view plants?

Unfortunately we do not accomodate any visits at this time. We do not have an in-person retail location and all our orders are processed online.

26. Can I pick up my plants instead of them being shipped?

We will be offering pick up in 2023 for orders of over 18 plants. Read more about pick up here. Please email us at [email protected] with any questions.

27. Do you have a phone line I can call?

We do not have a phone number. Please contact us by email at [email protected]. We also encourage our customers to sign up to our newsletter through our Subscription Page and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

28. What is your replacement policy?

Please email us within 48 hours upon receiving your order with a picture of the damaged plant so we can assess the level of damage in order to determine whether a refund or replacement is necessary.

29. What is your response time for emails?

We will respond to emails as soon as we are able to from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Generally, 1-2 business days is an average response time.

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