Ordering With Us

ONP specializes in shipping native plants across Ontario. We ship plants 8 months of the year (April to October), and accept orders between March and October (subscribe to the newsletter to find out when we will open for pre-orders in 2022). We are an entirely online business, and all orders are processed through our online system. You will need to create an account to place an order. Read more about our plants here.

See below for a summary of:

  1. The ordering process from account setup to receiving your plants
  2. An overview of our store schedule

1. Ordering Your Plants

Step One: Create an account. You cannot place an order without an account.

Step Two: Select your plants and add them to your cart.

Step Three: Pay for your plants and select shipping and billing.

Step 4: Submit your order. When your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email with details on shipping times, etc. If you do not receive this email, check your spam folder.

Step 5: Wait for your beloved plants! This is the hard part…we are working as hard as we can to get the best plants possible to your doorstep. If you placed a tree/shrub preorder (see above), your plants will ship in April. If you placed a perennial preorder,¬† your plants will ship in May. All other orders will ship after pre-orders are complete (see updates tab for shipping estimates based on when you placed your order).

Step 5: Order shipment. When we ship your order, you will receive another confirmation email that contains a Canada Post tracking number.

Step 6: Unbox, plant, and enjoy! Feel free to send us photos of your plants in their new garden home ūüôā

FAQ:¬† I would like to add to an order that has already been placed: You have until 2 WEEKS before your estimated shipping time to combine a second order with your first. After that, we will process your order as a separate shipment and current shipping times will apply (See below for dates). If you wish to add plants to your first order, please create a NEW second order with NEW plants. Please ensure that the cart is empty of your first order before you make a second order. Please also click the box at checkout that states: “This is my second order AND I would like it shipped with my first order.” We will refund the shipping cost difference at the time of shipping.

 FAQ:  I would like to change my order: You cannot revise an order through your account after it has been placed. We would encourage you to plan your order carefully prior to proceeding with payment.

 FAQ:  When can I expect my order to ship?: See below for an overview of our store schedule. For more specific shipping information throughout the season see the following locations:

          1) The UPDATES page

          2) The SHIPPING page

          3)The confirmation email sent to you when you place your order

          4) Our Facebook page

2. Our Store Schedule

Pre-Orders (March and part of April)

In early March, we open our online store for pre-orders. This means that we are not ready to start shipping yet, but orders placed during this period will have priority in the shipping queue  when we do begin shipping. There are two type of pre-orders:

1) Tree and Shrub Pre-Orders (cutoff mid-April): Trees and shrubs are hardier and can be shipped earlier than herbaceous perennial species (including wildflowers, grasses, sedges, and ephemerals). We begin shipping orders containing only trees and shrubs  in April. If your order contains  anything other than a tree or shrub, it will be considered a perennial order (see below).  Orders that contain both trees/shrubs and perennials are considered a perennial order.

¬† FAQ:¬† I would like to order trees and shrubs as well as perennials, but would like my trees and shrubs in April: Place two separate orders–one for trees/shrubs and one for perennials.

 FAQ:  I would like to order trees and shrubs as well as perennials, and would like them all delivered at the same time: Place a single order with all of the plants you would like. Your order will be added to the queue of perennial pre-orders.

  FAQ: My order contains trees/shrubs and perennials. Can you split it into two shipments so I get trees/shrubs earlier?: We cannot split an order after it has been placed.

2) Perennial Pre-Orders (cutoff late April): We begin shipping orders containing any non-woody perennial species in May.

Peak-Season Orders (mid-April to  October)

Order placed during the time that we are shipping are considered peak-season orders.¬† During this time,¬† tree and shrub orders are no longer given priority in the shipping queue–as we enter May, most species are ready to ship. Our busiest time for shipping is May to¬† July. During this time, you should expect to wait about 6-8 weeks between placing your order and receiving the plants. We know how hard it is to wait–but you can rest easy knowing that your plants are being pampered at the nursery! We appreciate your patience. Wait times typically lesson as we enter fall. Be sure to keep an eye on the updates tab and the shipping tab¬† for shipping updates throughout the season.

Have Questions? 

Check out our FAQ page!