Sugar Maple


Acer saccharum

  • Part Shade to Full SunPart Shade to Full Sun
  • Medium
  • Loam, Organic


Tree in 2 x 5 inch coco fibre plug

The national tree of Canada and the leaf found on the Canadian flag! Grows best in soil that is slightly sandy but rich in organic matter and consistently moist but well-drained. An attractive looking tree that turns brilliant shades of red, yellow, and orange in the fall. Excellent producer of sap for maple syrup and sugar. Does not handle drought or heavy pollution very well and is not suitable for sites with compacted soil. Avoid planting near roads as it does not tolerate high levels of salt in the soil. This tree is quite slow-growing, but matures into a beautiful and sturdy specimen. For a faster growing maple, try Red Maple.

FUN FACT: Prior to the introduction of the honey bee (and later refined cane sugar) to North America, the Maple Tree was the main source of sugar for the First Nations, and later the early settlers. It takes around 30 to 40L of sap to make 1L of syrup!

Growing Habits

Mature Height: 80 feet

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