We are shipping all remaining orders this week, including t-shirt orders.

Plant Orders are closed for 2021. We have gift cards available year round here. We will be re-opening for Pre-orders on March 1, 2022. Our new catalog will be released in December 2021. You can use the catalogs found here until then to see what we offered in 2021. Our 2022 availability will be similar, with a few changes.
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There are two scenarios for adding to your order:

  1. To add 4 or more plants to your first order, please create a NEW second order with NEW plants. Please ensure that the cart is empty of your first order before you make a second order. Please also click the box at checkout that states: “This is my second order AND I would like it shipped with my first order.” We will refund the shipping cost difference at the time of shipping.
  2. To Add LESS THAN 4 plants to your CURRENT ORDER (at least two weeks before your estimated shipping time) please use the coupon code under4 at checkout. You will be charged shipping on your order, and we will refund any unused shipping fees when we ship your orders together. Please check the box at checkout that states “This is my second order. Please ship with my first order.” If you do not check this box, we will likely ship your orders separately.

*If you are placing an additional order less than 2 weeks before your shipping date, you will need to create an order of 4 plants minimum. This new order will be shipped according to the current shipping time.



Are you a new customer? Check out our About section to read more about our business. Please send us an email at [email protected] with any questions.

View our fully updated 2021 Catalog with prices and new photos here. 

Read about the different plants we offer and learn about their their age and size here.


  1. Figure out your site requirements – What is the light, moisture, and soil conditions where you want to plant? What is your hardiness zone? Do some research and observe your site.
  2. Look through a PDF of our 2021 Catalog here or view our catalog online here. Search species by your specific site conditions. Learn more about our plants here.
  3. Make a List! We now have the option to create a wishlist on our website. Make sure you are logged into your account first.
  4. Once you have your list of species, you can then determine how many of each plant you want to order (Average plant cost is $6). Figure out the mature spread and height of each plant.
  5. Research your plants! Gain knowledge on how best to plant and care for them. Escape winter by thinking of Spring!

Check out our FAQ or Resource pages for more information.