Berry Bladder Fern


Cystopteris bulbifera

  • Full ShadeFull Shade
  • Medium to Wet
  • Organic

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Plant in 2.5 x 2.5 x 3.5 inch plastic pot

Berry Bladder Fern (Cystopteris bulbifera) is a unique looking fern that will brighten up the shady spots in your garden!

Fiddleheads grow on bright red stems in the spring. These bright red stems grow into light green fronds. Mature fronds develop little bulbits that drop to the ground and produce new plants. A nice companion plant for other non-competitive native species that love shady and moist conditions. Create a natural woodland in a rock garden or beneath trees with fertile soil. Prefers moist, alkaline soil rich in organic matter.

Growing Habits

Mature Height: 2 feet

Mature Spread: 2 feet

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