A Spring Postcard Pack


Limited quantity offering for spring 2023!

Available for Pre-Order on March 1, 2023. 

*Use code springpostcard at checkout for free shipping when you buy a postcard pack on its own.*

If postcard packs are purchased on their own, they will ship in mid-late April.

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Four 5×7 postcards, printed on premium hemp blend card stock.

Celebrate spring with our new postcards! Featuring four of our wildflowers hand drawn by local artist Jocelyn Boville.

The postcards feature: Wild Columbine, Marsh Marigold, Harebell, and Narrow-Leaved Vervain.

*Please note: the postcard pack can be ordered with your plants or on its own. If ordered on its own, there will be no charge for shipping and it will be shipped using regular post (with no tracking number). You will still receive an email indicating when your postcards have shipped so you can keep an eye out in your mail.

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Dimensions18 × 13 × 5 cm