Strawberry (Wild)


Fragaria virginiana

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*produces red strawberries*

Plant in 2.5 x 3.5 inch plastic pot

Light: part shade to full sun
Moisture: medium
Soil: sandy loam to clay loam
Mature Height: 0.5 foot
Mature Spread: 1 foot

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An excellent ground cover that spreads by runners. Pinch off runners from the parent plant to create new plants. Tasty little strawberries are yielded in early summer. Harvest leaves to make a refreshing tea. Fast growing, low maintenance spreader that fills in bare spots nicely. Drought tolerant. Prefers part shade to full sun and alkaline soil. Full sun planting will yield sweeter berries.

Ontario Hardiness Zone: 5 to 7 (Find out your Hardiness Zone here)

Looking to try a Strawberry plant that produces either white or red berries? Try Woodland Strawberry.

How do you distinguish between Wild and Woodland Strawberry?

Woodland Strawberry has narrower, thicker, darker green, and tougher (waxier) looking leaves than Wild Strawberry. Runners from Woodland Strawberry are up to 1 foot long, while the runners from Wild Strawberry can be 2 feet long.

Additional information

Weight.10 kg
Dimensions6 × 6 × 30 cm
Light Requirements

Full Sun, Sun to Partial Shade, Partial Shade

Moisture Requirements


Soil Requirements

Clay Loam, Loam, Sandy Loam, Clay Loam to Sandy Loam


Bees, Butterflies

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