Plant Catalogs

These Plant Catalogs are designed to help you plan your garden and select plants that will thrive in your conditions. To learn more about how to order, click here. To learn about our plants, click here. For other helpful gardening resources, including planting and care, click here.

*Please Note that our Catalogs are not up to date with current online availability. Click here to see what is available on our shop page.

  1. Fall 2021 Plant Catalog – Shop plants here. Our EQUINOX SALE runs from September 22nd to October 3rd.
  2. Spring 2021 Plant Catalog – View our full list of plants and the following information: Hardiness Zone, site conditions, (Light, Soil, and Moisture) and mature height.
  3. Plants for Small Spaces – This Catalog highlights plants that will work well in a planter or a smaller garden space.
  4. Wildflower Catalog – View additional information about each of our wildflower species including bloom times, mature spread and mature height.