Pick Up

We are thrilled to continue our pick up service in 2023! Pick up is available for orders of 18 or more plants, free of charge. We hope that this will be beneficial to our local customers who would like to save on the shipping cost and get their plants at a timing that suits them. Ferns and Wild Ginger are only available through pick up and will not be available for shipping.

Pick Up Location

  • We are located in Flamborough, 20 minutes north of Hamilton, Ontario
  • Our exact address will be sent in your order confirmation
  • Pick up scheduling begins in mid April and pick up begins in May 2023 (see more details below)
  • Orders will be ready in our shipping container just a few hundred metres from the road (see photo below)
  • A welcome desk in the container will have instructions for finding your order
  • There will not be any staff at the container
  • If there is an issue with your order, there will be a number listed at the welcome desk that you can call
  • There will be a spot to drop off used plastic pots if you have them at home and we will re-use them in future orders
  • If your inquiry is not urgent at the time of pick up, please email us at [email protected]

You will drive onto our nursery property and park in front of our shipping container with our logo (below).

Steps for creating a Pick Up order:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Add plants to your cart
  3. Click the box on the Checkout page that says “I am ordering 18+ plants and would like to pick up my order!”
  4. You should have a shipping charge of $0. Pick Up is free of charge.
  5. Check for a confirmation email with more details
  6. Wait for an email in mid April to schedule your pick up in May or June at a time that suits you

Pick Up timing:

  • Pick up will begin in May 2023 and will be available from Tuesday to Saturday in May and June
  • Customers will be sent a link in mid April to schedule their pick up time
  • You will be able to select a timeslot from Tuesday to Saturday
  • We will have pick up availability from July to September during weekdays only and more limited times than May and June

Dimensions of our Pick Up boxes:

  • Typically, your plants will come in a box that is 26 cm (width) x 61 cm (length) or 13 cm (width) x 61 cm (length). See below for more details.
    • Your plants will be standing upright in the box, so the height will vary with the height of your plants. Generally, in the spring, perennials will be shorter and trees & shrubs taller; and in the summer and fall, perennials will be taller and trees & shrubs shorter. However, this will vary by species.
    • We can fit a maximum of 36 plants in this size of box, so if you ordered more than this number, they will come in more than one box.
  • Ferns and Wild Ginger all come in flat black trays as they are in larger pots. These trays are 51cm (length) x 31cm (width).

How many plants are in a box?

  • We can fit 20 plants in a small box: 13×61 cm
  • We can fit 36 plants in large box: 26×61 cm
  • We can fit 10 ferns or ginger in one tray: 31x51cm

Other things to note:

  • There are no in-person shopping opportunities or tours offered at this time
  • If you would like to pick up a friend’s order, please send an email to [email protected] to arrange the pick up
  • If you would like to add to your order, please select the pick-up box at checkout, along with the box that states “This is my second order, please add to my first”
  • Additional orders must be placed at least 2 weeks before your pick up date

Questions? Send us an email at [email protected]